Domestic Violence Crimes are Serious

Law enforcement officials do not take accusations of domestic violence lightly, and very little evidence is needed in order to place you under arrest. As long as an officer sees evidence of an injury and is able to obtain a witness statement, you could be arrested and taken to jail. In fact, each year, hundreds of innocent people are wrongfully arrested and charged.  Prosecutors will often sympathize with the alleged victim and look to ensure that you receive the highest level of penalties available for your case. If you are convicted of domestic violence, you may be forced to complete community service, attend mandatory anger-management counseling, and refrain from coming into contact with the alleged victim. In addition to the court fees, fines, and restraining orders, you could also be required to serve time in jail or prison if you are convicted.

At Simkins Law, we understand that this time in your life may be difficult, and the repercussions of a domestic violence charge can extend deep into your relationships, career, and social life.  When you work with our firm, we will actively pursue a favorable outcome to your case and ensure that your rights and freedoms are protected.

Trusted Counsel After an Arrest

It is absolutely essential that you take the time to work with an attorney after an arrest. Although this time in your life may seem overwhelming, you never have to face the criminal justice system alone. When you work with Attorney Steven R. Simkins, he will take the time to get to know you and your side of the story so that we can develop a personalized defense for your case.  There are many reasons people may be wrongfully accused of domestic violence, and we will work to establish a strong defense, such as that you were acting in self-defense or that you may have just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you are being charged with this crime, now is the time to act.  Contact Simkins Law today, and get a head start on your defense.